Stanley Eisenman’s Fine Shoes in Fort Worth carries the following brands of fine handbags:


elisabetta franchi In 2013, Elisabetta Franchi chose Milan to open her first showroom, located in Via Tortona 9, in the heart of the fashion district. The ELISABETTA FRANCHI collections presented at the Milan Fashion Week include womenswear, shoes, bags and accessories. Today the monobrand boutiques are more than 70 – 35 in Italy and 35 abroad – in locations like Milan, Rome, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Casablanca, Hong Kong, Moscow, Jakarta, Paris, Stockholm and Porto.


Ing_Christopher_bags_fort_worthPassion for design has been the driving force of the Inge Christopher brand since its inception.  Tracing back to the prized Indonesian batiks, hand dyed and painted by Inge’s family in patterns reserved for nobility.  Some of these found their way into the hands of Dutch Royalty and the halls of museums in Washington, Los Angeles and beyond.  Inge brought this tradition to her work in the US, creating a San Francisco-based design team and creating several one-of-a-kind fabrics and prints.  Quality was her second obsession and led to a globetrotting search for the best beads and fabrics from all over the world.  Inge Christopher continues to be deeply invested in the art of design, evident in the exquisite materials, fine craftsmanship and unique details of each piece.Kooba


Laggo_Handbags_Fort_WorthLAGGO is a statement, a style created by meticulous craftsmanship. It stands for luxury and innovative design. Mariana and Nicholas Goschin sought to create the unique and ambitious new line, LAGGO. Launched through inspiration derived from her upbringing, Creative Director, Mariana Goschin first fell in love with fashion while watching her father, a tailor by trade, work and manipulate leather to create beautiful yet functional pieces.


Mary Frances Handbags Fort WorthMary Frances grew up being influenced by the vibrant spirit and excitement of the San Francisco Bay Area. For over two decades she has taken her vision and passion for fashion design and forged them into an international venture using artistic influences from around the globe. Fans of the Mary Frances collections are as varied as her handbags. These treasures are showing up on the arms of entertainers, artists, fashionistas, and renowned celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston… and the list goes on. Mary Frances’ whimsical designs famed for their collaboration between fabric, texture, unique materials, and colors have fueled her soaring popularity.


orYANY Handbags Fort WorthorYANY incorporates the nuance of style and class with the convenience of a highly functional product. With business-casual handbags, any on-the-go woman can have a sophisticated handbag that easily transfers from her home to work life. orYANY handbags are chic tools for consumers, with an emphasis on exterior and interior compartments for organizational ease. Distinct lining, custom hardware, and innovative form are a staple of the brand and promise continued individuality and creativity.


Pedro Garcia Handbags Fort WorthThe Pedro García modus operandi is both vibrant and traditional. The brand is built on a foundation of undeniable quality and painstaking craftsmanship. But design is the real driving force. Grounded, but always looking to take things one step further. Every Pedro Garcías is the result of a passionate process of experimentation. Oftentimes, a powerful mélange explosif. Because they merge opposing concepts to spawn new, hybrid silhouettes; because they juxtapose contrasting materials and make them match; because the most refined model can have the simplest insides; because they put a raw, irreverent finish on fine leather or stunning satin and give it a new uncooked glamour!


stuart weitzman Handbags Fort Worth Stuart Weitzman has built a reputation for its creative use of unique materials and for its attention to quality. The brand has earned a worldwide reputation as the embodiment of great American Style. Stuart Weitzman’s dedication to fusing fashion, fit and comfort has earned him accolades from both the design world and legions of diverse fans, including some of the top celebrities across the globe. Offering handbags characterized by sophistication and whimsy. Stuart Weitzman has developed a devoted following among women of all ages.


Whiting Davis Handbags Fort WorthSmooth, sleek and silky, our handbags move with grace and fluidity. They capture the light, they capture the eye, they capture hearts. Whiting & Davis have been joining little metal tiles into shimmering sheets of possibility since 1876. Fashion trends are changing all the time; one thing that has remained constant is the glamour of a Whiting & Davis handbag. Step inside the sparkle with us. Delight in the luxurious feel of top quality brass metal mesh. Admire our unique designs as they bring out the best in this remarkable material. See how functionality still stays top of mind with adjustable straps and convenient interior pockets.


It has been said of Eric Javits that he does not just design accessories, he celebrates women. The Eric Javits look is instantly recognizable for its down to earth glamour. His trademark is elegance with gentility married to function. Eric Javits designs are brilliant objects d’art sold in the finest department and specialty stores throughout the United States and internationally. Eric Javits line of handbags is available in Fort Worth at Stanley Eisenman Fine Shoes. Uncompromising design and intelligent luxury are the hallmark of the Eric Javits brand.


Trask Handbags in Fort WorthWe travel beyond the plains searching for leathers and materials that meet the rigorous standards of Trask and we have found it in some offbeat places around the globe. Because different leathers have different properties, every hide that’s crafted into Trask is selected by hand. From Bison to Elk, each of these hides require special attention to enhance their unique beauty. Like making small batch bourbons, our production process is time honored and true. Our way isn’t the fastest or easiest, but we think it’s worth the extra effort. We think you will, too.