Buy Anyi Li Shoes, Fort Worth

Anyi Lu began her career in fashion footwear after her sister's wedding; finding the dress was easy, but finding a beautiful shoe she could wear all day was nearly impossible. At that moment, the idea for ANYI LU was born.

Anyi's background as a chemical engineer at Chevron and DuPont has been crucial to the success of ANYI LU. As an engineer Anyi solved problems. "Designing shoes is not about inventing something new, it is about striving for perfection. I am passionate about footwear because I know I can fuse modern day technology with old-world Italian construction to offer shoes that are the height of fashion but most importantly comfortable."

Anyi also has a passion for ballroom dancing, which she studied in college. She still looks to dance shoes as inspiration for movement, fit, flexibility and stability. Five years and 11 collections later, Anyi is truly a visionary in women's footwear.